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Karima Al Saqli plays “Asmahan” at the Opera

to be held between the 1st and the 10th of November.  The leading star Muhammad Tharwat will perform ... operas about legendary singers like Muhammad Abed Al Wahab, Laila Murad, and Muhammad Fawzy.  Karima ... “La Mish Ana Eli Abki” (I’m Not The One Crying) by the late musician Muhammad Abed Al Wahab, the song ...

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Jan Saliba defends Haifa Wahbi

waited so long to file his suit. Saliba said that he never heard of Muhammad Tharwat or Jamal Salameh ... Donia Shaq Thalam Al Lail”, was written by Abed Al Rahman Al Abnodi and sung by Muhmmad Tharwat several ...

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Shireen takes Ahlam’s place at the 16th Arab Music Festival

Mhana, Muhammad Tharwat, Nadia Mustafa, Salah Faiez, Midhat Saleh, music distributor Ibrahim Al Radio, art critic Muhammad Mustafa, calligrapher Ahmad Abed Al Aziz and the Iraqi music searcher Subhi ... and Abed Al Halim. The late singer Muhammad Abed Al Wahab will be honored at this year’s festival. ...

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Haifa Wahbi and Sami Yousif accused of stealing

which was written by Abed Al Rahman Al Abnodi and sang by Muhammad Tharwat a few years back.   ... but God) that was composed by Salameh himself, written by Ahmad Haikal and Muhammad Rushdi sang it a few ...

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“Asmahan” banned from screening

Hasanien’, Ahmad Shaker Abed Al Latif plays ‘Farid Al Atrash’, Baha Tharwat plays ‘Muhammad Al Tabie’ ...

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