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Egypt reaches reconciliation deal with Mubarak-era figures

with the Egyptian government is Amr Assal, former chief of Egypt’s Industrial Development Authority, Mustafa Al-Husseini, attorney general of the Public Funds Prosecution told Al-Ahram. Al-Husseini added ...

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TAG-Confucius and the Chinese Embassy organize a folkloric musical festival

of the Chinese culture.  From his part, Mr. Al-Husseini praised the constant efforts exerted by the Chinese ... Executive Director Mr. Mustafa Nasereddin and TAG-Confucius Director Mr. Mustafa Al-Husseini, in addition ...

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Israeli air strikes in Gaza kill nine Palestinian fighters

as Abdul-Qadir al-Husseini Brigades said the two men were members.They were identified as Mazin al-Jidya ... Mustafa Abu Mur, 22, his twin brother Khalid, Sharaf Ghannam, 22, and Juma Abu Shalouf, 24.Another ...

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Palestinian unity government sworn in

of foreign affairs, Salim al-Saqqa, from Gaza, will be minister of justice, and Adnan al-Husseini ... and minister of culture.Muhammad Mustafa will be deputy prime minister and minister of national economy ...

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Three Iraqis killed in Baghdad fights as UN selects members to Iraq electoral commission

situation.     The eight are Abdul-Hussein al Hindawi, Fareed Michael, Hamdi Abbas al-Husseini, Ibrahim Ali Ali, Izzadine Mohammed Shafiq, Mustafa Safwat Rashid, Mohammed al-Jabouri, and the chairman, ...

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Unofficial Results of Lebanese Second Round of Elections

  1- Ammar Mousawi  2- Hussein Hajj Hasan  3- Mohammd Yaghi  4- Hussein Al Husseini ...   IV- The South District   1- Baheyya Hariri  2- Mustafa Maroof Saad  3- Abdul ...

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Palestinian unity government names leaked, at least nine new members

of transportation. Muhammad Mustafa will remain as deputy prime minister for economic affairs, and Shukri Bishara will stay on as minister of finance. Furthermore, Jawad Awwad will stay as minister of health, and Adnan Al Husseini ...

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Jewel of Jerusalem Myriam Jabsheh crowned as “The Distinguished Woman of Jerusalem"

Hend al Husseini (whose character stars in the Hollywood blockbuster film Miral - a chronicle ... alongside Adnan Husseini were Archbishop Atallah Hanna and Professor Mustafa Abu Soy, in addition ...

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