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Iraq: Sunnis quit constitution panel following assassinations; At least 10 die in blast

at the entrance to a recruiting center at the defunct Muthanna airport in central Baghdad, according to police ... from Yarmouk Hospital.   In another development, an official confirmed that nine staff members ...

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Iraq: Clashes in south as at least eight soldiers killed

al-Hatchami, an emergency medic at the town's Muthanna Hospital, said at least one policeman and four ...

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New York City’s “Clinton Curtis Band” makes Saudi debut through messages of positivity and hope

numbers, Muthanna and Rusty performed a medley of acoustic songs, while Ehab, Sayed and Abdullah played ... Arabia and that they enjoyed the hospitality and atmosphere of the country. The band, which gave ...

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CDA delegation visits India Club

Al Muthanna, CEO of Social Regulatory and Licensing Sector in CDA.  The delegation toured ... for their hospitality. The India Club has more than 6500 members.  In 2011, the Government of Dubai issued ...

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Iraq: Four American soldiers dead as U.S. fire kills entire family

and hospital officials identified the civilians as Mohammed Abdul-Wahab, his mother, wife and five of his ... said his spokesman, Maj. Muthanna al-Qaisi.   ...

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Six Iraqis, US soldiers injured in Mosul blast as thousands protest in Samawa in support of direct elections

general hospital said, "two of the six Iraqis were badly injured and the condition of the Turkish ... of Muthanna province, of which Samawa is the capital.     "Sistani's position is right. He ...

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