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Rula Shamyeh refuses nude scenes

in the film “Abu Riyad Meen Ado” (Abu Riyad no one is like him).  The film, directed by Naser Faqih, also ...

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Opposition groups ridicule any attempt at resolving their issues with Saudi authorities

with the government.     Abdullah Naser Al Subeihi - a psychiatrist at Imam Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic ... in the death of 17 and injury of more than 120.     Prominent opposition leader Sa’ad Al Faqih ... on the initiative, Faqih said, “The religious officials came up with this initiative as they felt they were to blame ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

Naser  171. Hilal Suliman Hilal Abu Jayiash from Nablus 1953 married 1979 Palmyra prison  172. ... Ahmad Yousef Al Faqih; Qatana; Ramallah; 1948; single; 1971; Palmyra.  302. Mahmoud Ayyoub Aref ... Mohammad Nazer Abdul-Kader Az-Zibin  340. Mohammad Nidal Naser Nimer Shahen  341. Mohammad Salem ...

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