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Giant crocodile in Dubai creek is all just a hoax!

Crocodile or the Nile Crocodile because there is no proper habitat for these massive reptiles,” Khan told  ... Odisha, through Bangladesh to South-South-East Asia to Australia. The Nile Crocodile lives ... of an imaginary wildlife series. Reports that a large crocodile may be cruising ...

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A crocodile ... in Beirut?

a photo of the crocodile, said that the creature derived from the Nile River and was the second largest ... The Daily Star that it was “very possible” the reports that the creature is a Nile crocodile were true ... said Wednesday they found no sign of a crocodile lurking in the Beirut River, though the creature has ...

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Crocodiles Spawn Legends in Sudan

When villagers glimpse a crocodile in the murky Nile ... When villagers glimpse a crocodile in the murky Nile River, they turn to the Shilkawi family, legendary ... crocodiles swimming near the dam over the White Nile at Jebel Aulia, an hour's drive south ...

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Searching for home? Infamous Lebanese croc moves to the UK

to Khalil. “As for Nile crocodiles, although they should be protected under CITES, they can still ... Beirut's infamous crocodile who has been living in a polluted river for years near a company plant was moved to a crocodile zoo in the UK this week. ...

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Landfall Unearths Ancient Egyptian Animal Cemetery

of animals from cats to crocodiles, believed that rats ate the hearts of sinners on judgement day, while ... was excavated after a landfall in the Wadi region of Abydos, located near the Nile around 550 kilometers (350 ...

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Dubai world Africa joins rwanda’s conservation initiative

the magnificent gorillas and chimpanzees associated with the area. The forest is also the source of the Nile ... of Rukarara River, the Nile’s furthest tributary, to Cairo in Egypt. Deep synergies exist between ... for “The Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin; business leaders and poachers turned protectors. Renowned American ...

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The lion tamer.

to give them an Oriental flavour."The Egyptian National Circus opened its doors in 1966 on the Nile ... tigers, crocodiles, donkeys, pigeons, dogs, monkeys, baboons, an elephant, horses, giraffes, bears, ...

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