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Yemen tries to enforce ban on carrying guns in markets, parks and even mosques!

that has been beefed up in anticipation of the National Dialogue Conference.  Dr. Omar Abdulkareem ... mosques, as well as parks.  Abdulkareem added that police cars are also prohibited from entering public ...

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Bahrain claims to foil bombing attacks

by the suspects, Bassam Abdularazzaq Abdulla Bukhuwa, Moheddine Mahmood Moheddine Khan, Bassam Yousif Abdulkareem ... Omar Abdulla Mohammed Kamal, to blast some government, economic and tourist establishments.     ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

5. Abdul-Kareem Abdul-Joud Sheikh Durra  6. Abdul-Kareem Abdullah Al Khatib  7. Abdul-Kareem Hamada Ahmad  8. Abdul-Kareem Mohammad Ahmed Khalil  9. Abdul-Kareem Muhsen Al-Mahameed  10. Abdul-Kareem Sabel Omar Samara  11. Abdul-Kareem Younes Al-Astal  12. Abdul-Latif Al Jizawi  13. ...

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