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Iranian Auto Company to Assemble Nissan Lorries

exports to its local assembly partner, Pars Khodro Co., according to Asia Motors on Friday.   The specialized news service said that Pars Khodro Co., will assemble approximately 15,000 of the new models ... Magazine, there are five automobile manufacturers in Iran: Iran Khodro, Saipa, Pars Khodro, Bahman and Kish ...

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Iran's Car Production Increases 20 Percent in Four Months

adding that Iran Khodro's production of Peugeot RD as well as Peugeot 405 and Peugeot Pars cars, ... companies, Saipa and Iran-Khodro increased from March to July this year by some 9,195 units, a 2 Car production by Iran’s two major auto manufacturing companies, Saipa and Iran-Khodro increased from ...

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Iran's Saipa to produce spare parts for Rio and L90 cars

He added that the company is to meet the needs of Zamyad and Pars Khodro companies as well. ...

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Iran unveils its new national car

Iran's flagship automobile company, Iran Khodro ... Iran's flagship automobile company, Iran Khodro, has unveiled the Islamic republic's long-awaited ... and development chief at Iran Khodro, which has 64 percent of the Iranian automobile market.    Javadi ...

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Syria organizes first auto show

the giant US-German conglomerate Daimler-Chrysler to franchised producers such as Pars Khodro of Iran, ...

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Renault may invest 600 million euro in Iran

in Iran as part of a joint venture between Renault Pars, the car maker's Iranian concern, ... Khodro.    According to IRNA, an initial agreement was signed in March, with 51 percent ...

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Fully booked for post-sanctions business: Iran's five star hotels are buzzing with Western business delegations

automaker, has resumed shipping kits that its Iranian partners, Iran Khodro and Pars Khodro, assemble ... by Iran Khodro Co. and Saipa Automotive Manufacturing Group.  Iranian partners  In January, Renault CEO ...

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