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Egypt-COMESA trade deficit shrinks

daily, the chairman of the Cabinet Decision Support Center, Raafat Radwan, however, said that COMESA ... Radwan noted that Egypt's total imports from the COMESA are put at $ 188.6 million, making up 1.73 ...

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55 Percent of Advertised Jobs Go to University Graduates in Egypt

of every year due to the “seasonal demand for jobs, budgets and financing.”  The center’s head, Raafat Radwan, announced that the study, which was presented to Prime Minister Atef Ebaid, had revealed ...

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Unique Egyptian Filmfest to Showcase ‘Cairo Through the Eyes of the Cinema’

- Lilhubb Qissah Akhira (Love Has a Last Story) directed by Raafat Al Mihi and costarring Yahya Al Fakhrani and Maali Zayed.  - Laih Ya Banafseg (Why Violet?) directed by Radwan Al Kashef and costarring ...

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Salwa Khatab refuses for the second time to accept an Oscar for Best Supporting Role

festival. Director of the film, Radwan al Kashef, tackled through an issue, which the Egyptian cinema did ... she is sure of its success. She had also taken part in the well-known series "Raafat Al ...

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Salwa Khattab: ‘Hadith al Sabah Wal Masaa’ Marks Turning Point in Egyptian Drama

al Mosad, in the series Raafat al Haggan despite the fact that I oppose Israel from the personal, ... Radwan al Kashef has tackled through this film an issue, which the Egyptian cinema did not tackle so ...

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Latest Egyptian Films

the increasing religious fanaticism in Egyptian society.  The film is written and directed by Raafat al-Mihi, ... 1999) is written and directed by Radwan al-Kashef, and stars Sherihan and Mohamed Nagati.   ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

411. Osama Mahmoud Al Bdour  412. Osama Mohammad Ulwan  413. Ra’afat Eissa Khalil Al Balbool; ... Wajeih Sa’eed Al ‘Atabah  416. Radwan Ahmad Amin Jarrar   417. Raed Jamil Saddoukah; Tulkarem   ...

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