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Good Jordanians don’t protest: corrupt politicians call in militias to stop activists

It is an often told story that former prime minister of Jordan, Abdul Raouf Rawabdeh stole millions from ... of Jordan, Abdul Raouf Rawabdeh stole millions from the country during his time in office. The Irbid native ... by nearly 1000 members of Rawabdeh’s tribe, complete with AK47s and wooden bats: it was hardly a fair fight. ...

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An Environmental Day at Al-Naser District

Engineer Abdul Ra’ouf Al-Rawabdeh,the environmental day comes in line with GAM’s approach of interaction ...

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Results of King Abdullah II Award for Innovation in its Fifth Year

R’aouf Al Rawabdeh, and in the presence of the members of the Trustees Board. The arbitration ...

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GAM Celebrates the World Health Day of Trees Planting in Wadi Al-Qitar

Qattan, Head of the local Committee of Al-Naser region Ahmad Al’Abed, the Region Manager, Abdel Raouf Al- Rawabdeh, and a number of GAM employees were also participants.Students in the eighth grade Yasmeen Khaleel ...

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Jordan legislative polls: Independent candidates win majority of seats

officials said.     Former prime minister Abdel Raouf Rawabdeh was also re-elected in the northern ...

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Economic Consultative Council there to stay

of Abdul Raouf Rawabdeh [March 1999-June 2000] was not as much in tune with the King's economic development agenda as Abul Ragheb's [Cabinet] is,” said a former prime minister. “Under [the] Rawabdeh ...

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