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Wafa Amer, ‘seductive roles have long past’

The Egyptian actress Wafa Amer said that rumors about her retiring from acting are not true The Egyptian actress Wafa Amer said ... Khaled Zaki, Amira Al Aydi and Ayten Amer.  In the new series Wafa plays the role of an honest ...

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A Blogger's New Year! - A Look Back on 2011

Ink on the Side Amer Sweidan ...

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Nancy Ajram, a duet with Al Fakharani and an ambassador for children

is one of the best songs that she has performed.”  “Ibn Al Arndali” is directed by the Syrian Rasha Sharbatji and stars famous actor Yehya Al Fakharani, Maali Zayed, Wafa Amer and Salim Kalaas.   ...

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Samsung Electronics Levant sponsors the Jordanian participants in Dask-Dogay competition

at a gallery held by Daret Al Tasweer. The Jordanian team were; Rasha Amer, Mohammed Nayef, Ahmed Deiranieh, Ahmed ...

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Nancy Ajram raises the price of singing television theme songs

of the drama series.  “Ibn Al Arndali” is written by Walid Yousif and directed by Syrian director Rasha Sharbatji. The series also stars Dalal Abed AL Aziz, Maali Zayed, Wafa Amer, Yousif Dawood, Hasan AL ...

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Ashraf Abdel Baqi Takes the Stage Again in ‘Helw Wa Kadab’

intensively for his role in the play Helw Wa Kadab, which costars Wahid Seif and Wafaa Amer ... costars Wahid Seif and Wafaa Amer.   Abdel Baqi was born on September 11, 1963, in Cairo. He ... some of his dreams.   Abdel Baqi has appeared in 41 movies. Rasha Gareaa, with Yasmin Abdel Azziz ...

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Jordanian Diabetes Healthcare wins third place at 2011’s MIT Enterprise Forum Arab Business Plan Competition

Bani Younes and Mashhour Bani Amer, were granted five thousand dollars for their idea of developing ... Egyptian ‘iNavigator’, including Rasha Ahmed, Asem Mohamed and Mahmoud Salaheldin, tied up with Jordanian ... their extreme joy for having won 2011’s competition. Speaking on all of their behalf, Mashhour Bani Amer said, ...

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