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Singer Anoshka: I Can’t Help Not to Dance on Stage!

Egyptian singer Anoshka has recently participated along with other Arab singing stars in the operetta Muftarak Al Toroq (Road Junction).  By Rihab Rida    Egyptian singer Anoshka who has recently participated along ...

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Nelly Brings Samah Anwar Before the Cameras

After her traffic accident few years ago and her long sabbatical, the Egyptian actress Samah Anwar returned to work in direction and then recently in acting. By Rihab Rida  Al Sharq Press-Cairo  Special for    After her traffic accident ...

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Mohammed Sobhi: Clear Distinction should be Made between Real Comedy and Trashy Shows

Egyptian comedy star Mohammed Sobhi has said that there is a difference between the comic plays he performs and trivial theatrical performances that should be shunned by the audience. By Rihab Rida - Cairo     Egyptian comedy star ...

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Arab Theater Forum Postponed, Meager Budget Cited

The Theater Committee at the Cairo Higher Cultural Council decided Tuesday to postpone until next March a panel on the Arab Theater. By Rihab Rida  Al Sharq Press – Cairo  Special to     The Theater Committee ...

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Al Fakhrani: ‘Liladalah Wugooh Kasirah’ Aims at Changing Vision Towards Foundling

Egyptian actor Yehya Al Fakhrani entered the spotlight throughout last Ramadan through his distinctive performance in the series Liladalah Wugooh Kasirah. - Cairo  By Rihab Rida  Sharq Express    Egyptian actor Yehya Al Fakhrani ...

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Hanan Tork Sizes Up Her Artwork Projects for 2002

Egyptian actress Hanan Tork attempts to size up the features of her artistic projects for the year 2002 and to express her wish for the return of peace and love to the world in the new year. Sharq Press-Cairo  By Rihab Rida ...

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Omar Al Sherif: I Married Once, I Loved Only Once

The critical life saving heart surgery which Egyptian film star Omar Al Sherif underwent by the Egyptian surgeon Magdi Yacoub constituted a turn in the life of the renowned actor. Sharq Press-Cairo  By Rihab Rida  Special ...

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Feasts Season Fails to Rescue Theaters in Egypt

Mangers of theaters and casinos in Egypt confirmed that this year’s Christmas celebrations have received a big blow as the audiences of concerts, films and plays have decreased in numbers. - Cairo  By Rihab Rida    Mangers ...

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Ghada Abdel Razzaq: ‘Al Hag Mitwalli’ Rediscovers Me!

It has not taken the Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razzaq long time to become well known. Her fame, after performance in the series Aaelet Al Hag Mitwalli, has even been widened. - Cairo  By Rihab Rida    ...

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