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Stars to Play Sweethearts

for Julia Roberts and John Cusack are not lovers. But they might play lovers in a movie and Catherine ... purposes, even as Cusack’s character is falling for his wife’s newly slimmed-down sister, played by Roberts ... romantic comedy High Fidelity, while Cusack and Roberts have crossed career paths just once, in Robert ...

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10- Dr. T & The Women

by Robert Altman and written by Anne Rapp, was released by Artisan .  The movie’s running time is 2 ... the ensemble cast includes Helen Hunt, Shelly Long, Tara Reid, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler, Robert Hays, Matt ... $2,500,000, earning it a total of $34,800,000 .  Altman has said of his movie: ''It's ...

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‘Lord of the Rings’ Dominates at Debut Film Awards Ceremony Marred by No-Shows

despite its five nominations.  The prize for best director went to veteran Robert Altman for his 1930s ... categories -- including Hackman, Washington and Altman -- failed to show up at the ceremony, causing ...

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More Great Movies in May on Cinema City

made about the sport of gambling. Director Robert Altman at his best, complete with all of the standard ...

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Twenty-One Movies for Europe at Venice Film Festival

T and the Women, by Robert Altman representing the US.  -Freedom, by Sharonas Bartas representing France, ...

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Tim Robbins

of impressive roles in Robert Altman's The Player, Short Cuts and Ready to Wear, in Joel Coen's Hudsucker Proxy, and in his own movie, Bob Roberts. The 1992 political satire featured Robbins ... Roberts, which feature such titles as "The Times They Are A-Changin' Back," "This Land ...

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A Glut of Movies Floods US Screens as Hollywood Races for Oscars Deadline

Robert Altman's 1930s comedy suspense flick "Gosford Park" and Halle Berry's new film ...

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Combat Flick, Family Drama Take Top Nominations in New Movie Awards

Steven Spielberg's "AI: Artificial Intelligence" and director Robert Altman's 1930s ...

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Julianne Moore

Husband and Cookie's Fortune, which re-teamed her with Short Cuts director Robert Altman. Factor ...

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