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Mecca under construction: Saudi Arabia slashes number of pilgrims due to expansion project

Director General Lt. Gen. Saad Al-Tuwaijri has warned that his department would not tolerate any violations ... “Definitely this is done for the benefit of pilgrims.” Saad Al-Qurashi, president of the National Haj & ...

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venture capital bank & partners establish mozon investment holdings company. to avail of morocco investment opportunities

Nuri Ahmed Al Saad, Secretary; Mr. Abdullatif Mohamed Janahi; Dr. Ahmed Al Jawhary; Mr. Abdulaziz Ebrahim Moosa; Mr. Ahmed Abdullatif Al Dosari; Mr. Bashar Al Tuwaijri; and Engineer Waleed Khalid Al Jari, ... to consist of: Mr. Abdulfatah Mohammed Rafei Marafei, Mr. Nuri Ahmed Al Saad, Dr. Ahmed Al Jawhary, and Mr. ...

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