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Who is Sam Bacile, the maker of the controversial Mohammed film?

There is entirely too much mystery around Sam Bacile and the supposed 'Jewish' funded film about the Islamic prophet Mohammed; That didn't last long- Lebanon Non-Smoking Law to be reviewed; Post 9/11 Muslims in America; and a first hand account from ...

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The smiling face of misery: The man who produced chaos in the Arab world

known as Sam Bacile - the producer behind the controversial 'Innocence of Muslims' film ... on Sunday published a photo of filmmaker Nakoula, also known as Sam Bacile, on the set of the amateurish ... attributed to a man by the name of Sam Bacile, which two people linked to the film have said was likely ...

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American ambassador dead in attack on Benghazi consulate

was a diplomat. The film in question is called Innocence of Muslims and was directed by Israeli-American, Sam Bacile, who told the American newspaper: "Islam is a cancer." The film is supported by Pastor ...

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After the violence in Egypt and Libya, YouTube blocks access to film clip but refuses to remove it

Israeli Jew named Sam Bacile.Under Google’s procedures, YouTube users can flag objectionable content. ... amid conflicting claims of Jewish or Coptic Christian involvement.Bacile, the film’s director said ... authorities were involved in the film, and said Bacile -- which he acknowledged was a pseudonym -- ...

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Arab and Western Popes unite against anti-Islamic movie

media initially cited someone claiming to be an American-Israeli calling himself Sam Bacile as saying he ...

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Libya: US ambassador, three others killed in attack

"Innocence of Muslims" and was directed by Israeli-American, Sam Bacile. in a statement confirming ...

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