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Gynophobia Strikes Saudi Arabia: Saudi Women Fighting to be Heard

An extreme case is how the local community perceived the news of the Saudi woman activist Samar Badawi ... of her exceptional role in advocating women's rights in the country. Samar was standing between ... recognition that Samar is getting is something new and beyond their comprehension of normal life. Samar ...

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The MENA Gender Equity movement: Arab men at the forefront for women's rights

the release of Samar Badawi, who had been imprisoned for disobeying her abusive father. Contrary ... accomplice, defender and champion in the form of his wife, Samar Badawi. Since Abulkhair represented her, Badawi has become a prominent activist in her own right, filing the kingdom’s first lawsuit for women’s ...

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Al Ain Mineral Water launches Water+ with added calcium and fluoride specifically for children under 13

as it helps build tough tooth enamel and prevents cavities. Speaking at the launch Samar Saied Al Badawi ... is equally important in growing children as it helps build proper enamel and healthy gums”, added Al Badawi ...

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5th Cairo Video Festival to present large worldwide collection of experimental and video art

by Samar Elbarawy, Salma Badawy, Margeurite Reinert, Maelys Rebuttini - Egypt, France, 2013 Tuesday 1 ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

Abdulrahman Mefleh Al Qaryouti  106. Bassam Ahmad Aref Smar  107. Bassam Asa’d Aref Samar; Jinin; ... Es-Sukar  337. Mohammad Khalaf Hamdan Al Shadefat  338. Mohammad Majed Abdullah Badawi  339. ... 1970.  354. Mohammad Mahmoud Khamis Qatanani; married;1996.  355. Mohammad Majed Abdullah Badawi ...

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