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Six Iraqis, US soldiers injured in Mosul blast as thousands protest in Samawa in support of direct elections

general hospital said, "two of the six Iraqis were badly injured and the condition of the Turkish ... Elsewhere, thousands of Muslim Shiites swarmed through the streets of the southern Iraqi town of Samawa ... of Muthanna province, of which Samawa is the capital.     "Sistani's position is right. He ...

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Iraq: At least 12 dead including six in clashes with police

southern city of Samawa on Friday and continued Saturday, police sources said.   "Since last night, the hospital has received six dead -- five policemen and one civilian -- and 15 wounded, including seven policeman," said Lieutenant Ahmed Hadi, in charge of security at Samawa hospital.   ...

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Iraq: Clashes in south as at least eight soldiers killed

in the southern Iraqi town of Samawa, while separately roadside bombs killed at least eight Iraqi soldier Shiite fighters and police battled on Friday in the southern Iraqi town of Samawa, while separately ... said they had killed three gunmen in raids in western Iraq.   A Samawa police captain told ...

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Iraq Says Armed Saudi Killed in Border Clash

and who died after he was transported to a hospital in Samawa" in southern Iraq, the message read.  ...

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Iraq denies reports on significant US advance towards Baghdad as more civilians killed

died in a province that includes the city of Samawa, one in the Mosul region and one in Babylon ... According to some reports, U.S. aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city's ...   Hospital sources and a Reuters witness said the attacks occurred at 9:30 a.m. and caught ...

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