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4,000 Palestinian children refused polio vaccination by Israel

of the age group one month to nine years old the polio vaccination on no logic ground,” said Sameeh Abu Rumailah, the local Coordinator of the vaccine and community leader in Kofr Aqab, a village within ... a solution to the dispute. “We will not keep our mouths shut when our little ones are endangered,” Sameeh Abu ...

14/08/2013 - 16:33 - comment 1

HMC Announces Educational Symposium for Parents With Autistic Children

at Rumailah, will provide valuable education and advice to parents with autistic children to help them ... Center for Autism (Boston/Abu-Dhabi) and Qatar University, will present lectures and also hold workshops ... at Rumailah Hospital was officially inaugurated in 1997 and currently provides treatment to around 105 ...

16/05/2010 - 16:04 - comment 0

Two men convicted in Jordan of planning attacks against tourists

Mamdouh abu Lubeh, given a token sentence for aiding the two convicted men, Yousef Al Jaghameen and Sufian ... lawyer Sameeh Khreis told reporters that he planned to appeal the guilty verdicts, according to the AP. ...

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مصريون يتهمون حماس بارسال عناصر لحماية الرئيس مرسي والفلسطينيون يردون

جعل عدد من الفلسطينيين يطلقون هاشتاغ ساخر يردون به على هذه الإشاعة : @_sameeh_ بوادر انتفاضة ... الرئاسة المصرية عملية روتينية يقوم بها قادة الصف الثاني في كتائب القسام. @MoathAbuOwn فتح تؤكد انها لن ...

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