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The pendulum is swinging? Falling oil prices shifts energy balance in favor of the West

their point of view," Samuel Ciszuk, senior adviser on energy security to the Swedish Energy Agency, told ... for a number of years, Ciszuk said, but it was unlikely to push for an official OPEC supply cut. While US ... vulnerable," Ciszuk said. Libya's oil production has rebounded to more than 800,000 barrels per day, ...

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Oil windfall boosts Gulf spending

invested through their sovereign wealth funds,” Amerah added. Danger to recovery Samuel Ciszuk ... be expected that demand destruction is already happening, particularly in the US and Europe,” Ciszuk said. He ...

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Worried about a downslide? Saudi Arabia asks OPEC to cut oil output

not necessarily mean lower exports. “I think we can be pretty sure the Saudis are cutting,” said Samuel Ciszuk, analyst at the Swedish energy agency. “But maybe the crude burning has come down a bit and I’m ...

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OPEC: not the same group without quotas

not think they will agree on new quotas yet,said Samuel Ciszuk, consultant at KBC Energy Economics. One ...

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Oil firms bet that Assad will survive popular uprising

analyst Samuel Ciszuk of IHS Global Insight, adding it was likely Assad’s regime would hang on for some ...

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Iraq's policitcal instability being exploited by foreign oil firms

have a stronger hand than they did when the auctions were first launched,” says Samuel Ciszuk, an oil ...

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Oil supply fears fade despite Iran ban

should be very well supplied this summer - even better than now,” said Samuel Ciszuk, Middle East ...

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Targeting the east

says Samuel Ciszuk, Middle East energy analyst at IHS Global Insight. The new leadership takes charge ... proven themselves in a number of technically advanced projects,” says Ciszuk. “However, it’s still wait ...

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