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In leaked recording, Morsi expects coup against Sisi

El-Awa in the leaked recording. “Would he leave the army?” Mursi added. “He will [be president] God’s will,” El-Awa answered. In the tape, Mursi, who was ousted from the presidency in July ... him?” Mursi added. El-Awa responded with a firm, “No.” In the recording El-Awa also mentions ...

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Egypt: Morsi's trial postponed as lawyers protest soundproofed glass box

of Morsi's defence team Selim El-Awa said that he objected to the soundproof glass boxes in which ... in the boxes for other defendants. El-Awa told Ahram Online that his defence team will not attend any future court sessions unless the glass boxes are removed. After El-Awa's decision, the court ...

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Morsi's trial adjourned on first day

El-Awa who reportedly recieved a warm welcome by Morsi loyalists who chanted: "Where is the press, the honourable man is here." El-Awa, a former presidential candidate, complained that many ... not happen during Mubarak's trial," El-Awa told reporters outside the court. Security ...

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Morsi calls for renewed Egyptian revolution as his jailbreak trial is adjourned

to appoint ten new lawyers and postpone the trial until 23 February. Defence lawyer Selim El-Awa said he ...

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US and EU did not propose political dialogue, says pro-Morsi coalition.

by former presidential candidate and Muslim Brotherhood ally Mohamed Selim El-Awa to end the standoff by turning to parliamentary elections. "We appreciate the initiatives proposed by Dr. Salim El Awa ...

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Morsi's jailbreak trial to be televised

into court, notably Selim El-Awa, one of Morsi's attorneys and a presidential candidate in the 2012 ...

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Morsi trial postponed to Feb. 22

appointed Islamist thinker Mohamed Selim El Awa as his defence lawyer, who shall represent him ... refused to appoint a lawyer, saying he did not recognise the court's authority. El Awa ...

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Morsi, Ashton talk Brotherhood and state cooperation in Cairo

to a consensus prime minister as has been suggested by Islamist figure Selim El-Awa. Morsi, the same sources ...

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