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Jomanah Murad, leading star in “Sha’ban Al Faris”

the leading role in the new film “Sha’ban Al Faris,” starring the comedic actor Ahmad Adam The Syrian actress Jomanah Murad has agreed to play the leading role in the new film “Sha’ban Al Faris,” ... and Ala Mursi also star in the new film. The film was created by Ahmad Al Beeh and directed by Sharif ...

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Sawsan Bader, a Singer for the First Time

Egyptian actors Sharif Ramzi and Samir Ghanem and Lebanese actor Dolly Shaheen. The sitcom was written by Sharif Sha’ban and directed by Yehya Mumtaz. Sawsan will participate in a number of drama series ... Sawsan Bader plays the role of a singer named Fadwa in the second part of the television sitcom “Sharif O ...

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Ghada Adel filming “the Cord”

and directed and produced by Majdi Al Hawari. “Al Watar” also stars Mustafa Sha’ban, Arwa Jodeh and Sharif ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

Walid Sha’ban  486. Zaid (Ziad ) Hussein Suleiman Al Khalili  487. Zaid Naser Al Assa'd  ... Mashriqi   102. Basem Khamis Sager  103. Basem Khamis Sammour; Single; 1991  104. Bashar Sharif ... Al Tarawneh  116. Derar Al Karmi  117. Dhiab Sharif Dhiab Mahmoud Ibrahim Amman 1946; ...

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