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Egypt's Foreign Reserves Drop and Qatar might have something to do with it

CEO of Signet Institute Angus Blair said ... of September 2013. CEO of Signet Institute Angus Blair said that this decline should not come ... are made, then we can expect to see a further decline in foreign reserves,” Blair added. CBE Governor ...

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What will it take for Egypt's entrepreneurial potential to explode?

Angus Blair, president of Cairo-based think tank Signet Institute, noting bureaucracy remains ... challenging entrepreneurial environment with regard to levels of development and institutional context, ...

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Egypt's IMF negotiations end with no deal

said Angus Blair, chairman of the Signet Institute, an economic think-tank for the Middle East ...

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Arab democracy and the IMF not the best of bedfellows?

in a while we see the IMF talks progress seriously and in the right direction.”Angus Blair of the Cairo-based think tank Signet Institute told Al Arabiya it is a ‘very positive message to Egypt’ that Lagarde ‘is ... the commitments Egypt would need to seek from Arab neighbors and global financing institutions. The IMF appears ...

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No news is good news for Egypt's IMF deal, or is it?

likely be signed soon. However, Angus Blair, founder of MENA think tank The Signet Institute ... of the Drop Egypt’s Debt Campaign, which strong opposes the reforms tied to the loan. Blair says the loan ... of countries,” says Blair. There have been precedents of countries borrowing a sum far beyond the 200 percent ...

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It's the economy, stupid: Egypt's new 'pharaoh' not fairing so well

less of an outcry if this had been part of a package to boost growth,” Angus Blair of the Cairo based think-tank Signet Institute said. “I’m disappointed that one of the first key acts is to raise taxes. ... and then subsequently institute a tax hike. Others said his quick retraction undermined his leadership and exposed ...

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How the Egyptian economy has its hopes pinned to Sisi

to answer to, and not all of them work in conjunction in the West,” said Angus Blair, chairman of business and economic forecasting think tank Signet. Western investors, worried by repeated spasms of violence in recent years, are more sensitive and shareholders have a more short-term outlook, according to Blair ...

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Egypt changes pound peg, move seen too modest

flexibility, but it is the sort of flexibility they should have shown two years ago," Angus Blair ... foreign institutional investors were questioning the logic of investing in Egyptian equities and bonds ...

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