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Will London 2012 go swimmingly for Libya? El Gadi dives in for record revolution

Libyan swimmer Sofyan El Gadi, chosen by the Libyan ... in record time. Libyan swimmer Sofyan El Gadi, one of the five athletes chosen ... which will identify official sources she said) Libyan swimmer Sofyan El Gadi, one of the five ...

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Sharm el-Shiekh Summit Resumes Tuesday, No Progress Reported

The Egyptian-hosted Sharm el-Shiekh summit went ... The Egyptian-hosted Sharm el-Shiekh summit went into its second day with a meeting between US President Bill Clinton, ... asked whether there might be an agreement.  Barak spokesman Gadi Baltiansky said the Israeli side ...

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Spokesman: Barak is 'Fed up' with Yasser Arafat

while Barak’s Spokesman says that Sharm el-Sheikh summit to broker an end to over two weeks of violence ... but not longer," Prime Minister Ehud Barak's spokesman Gadi Baltiansky told Israeli army radio – (AFP)    ...

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Hopes Rise to End Violent Clashes in West Bank, Gaza Ahead of Egypt Summit

with Albright and Arafat in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh at Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's ... spokesman Gadi Baltiansky said "If it will be quiet it is possible that the negotiations ... and Jews -- that was heavily criticized by key Western leaders as provocative.  In Sharm el ...

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Blocking Bulldozers: Handful of Israelis Resist Demolition of Palestinian Homes

for Human Rights, Liat Taub, a student and ICHAD staff member, Gadi Wolf, a conscientious objector who just ... and European consulates are very responsive and forthcoming), Liat and Gadi calling our lists of activists ... peace will not come from within Israeli society.   Arik, Liat and Gadi are hauled away in a police ...

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Powerful Explosion Rocks Ramallah

WOUNDED IN GAZA   A member of the Islamic Resistance Hamas military wing, Izzeddine el ... agency KUNA, said he was wounded in Deir el-Balah town.  Hamas spokesman, Abdulaziz Rantisi said ... to be called to testify are Sharon, his military secretary Brig. Gen. Gadi Eisencott, the defense minister ...

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