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“freakonomics” author confirmed for dubai

Steven Levitt, the best-selling author ... “freakonomics” author confirmed for dubai Leading economist Steven Levitt will deliver DIFC Lecture on November 17, the opening day of DIFCweek Steven Levitt, the best-selling author of Freakonomics, has ...

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online distribution builds position as the middle east’s leading network distributor

and the new Convergence Business Unit. Steven Levitt Challenges Companies to Take the Steps Necessary to Operate Better Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics and a Professor at the University of Chicago, ... that I have. Companies can learn something and base their operating choices onthat,” said Levitt ...

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Difc licenses events company global leaders

Meanwhile, other speakers for client projects included leading economists Steven Levitt, author ...

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edward de bono, creator of “lateral thinking”, to give full-day conference in bahrain

Steven Levitt, Malcolm Gladwell and Rowan Gibson.     ...

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Trading Tricks: The Economics of Prostitution

Prostitution,” University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor Steven D. Levitt and Sudhir Alladi ... prostitution, but also about the lives of the people of the inner city,” Levitt says. Location ... a prostitute. Levitt and Venkatesh found that about one in 30 tricks performed by a prostitute is a freebie ...

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cnbc correspondent joins difcweek line-up

markets, developed with the support of Economist Intelligence Unit.• DIFC Lecture presented by Steven Levitt, the bestselling author of Freakonomics. Sunday November 18:• Islamic and Ethical Finance, ...

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Marketing enters a behavioral age

and sensory measurements have found their way into marketing literature. Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics ...

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Marketing enters a behavioural age

Steven Levitt’s Freakonomics and Malcolm Gladwell pioneered bringing behavioural economics ...

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'Live' highs and lows of Oscars 2014: How it went down min-by-min for "The Square" and "Omar" makers

6:12am Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel present the nominees for Best Original Score. The Oscar goes to Steven ... contender Her. 4:21am Joseph Gordon Levitt and Emma Watson present the award for Achievement in Visual ...

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