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How a deteriorating tourism sector is transforming Egypt's labor market

to the Sub-Accounts Unit of the Ministry of Tourism, there are 3.8 million workers in the tourism sector, 1.7 million ... goods, and English-language education. The Human Resources Development Unit at the Egyptian Tourism ...

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US Not Prepared To Unfreeze Accounts Of Leading Kuwaiti Charity

  "We're not prepared to unfreeze what we consider to be sub accounts, but we're ... who want to do evil things," he added.    O'Neill said the United States appreciated ... left Kuwait for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on a tour that has already taken him ...

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Qatari hotels report positive rise in occupancy rates and revenues.

tourism does not fall within the sub-account of the state’s revenue where it does not bring cash from ... are the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, where this tax could cost, for example, any three people travelling ... capacity of up to 6731 rooms and 1573 hotel units. With regard to the income of hotels (four- ...

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