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Chevron-Texaco World's fifth Oil Company

Sunday Chevron Corp.& Texaco Inc. boards approve ... in debt, creating the fifth largest oil company Sunday Chevron Corp.& Texaco Inc. boards approve the deal for Chevron to buy out Texaco for $35.1 billion in stock, plus ...

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Chevron, Phillips Rumored To Merge

Chevron's merger plans has been rampant since talks between it and Texaco Inc. broke down in June 1999. At the time, Texaco said the Chevron offer was “unacceptable in all respects.”  ( oilnavigator )   ... The U.K.’s Sunday Times reported on September 10th ...

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Focus: Are Chevron and Phillips to merger by December ?

that Chevron had renewed its talks with Texaco Inc. More than a year earlier, Texaco and Chevron confirmed ... rumored since merger talks between Chevron and Texaco Inc., the No. 3 U.S. oil company, broke down in June ... with Chevron set to buy the Phillips company for more than $70 a share.     The U.K.’s Sunday Times ...

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