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Roadside car bomb explodes in Lebanon: damages vehicles

A car bomb exploded in Taanayel east Lebanon, damaging ... Monday a roadside explosion which damaged a van and a car in Taanayel, east Lebanon, security sources ... According to a preliminary investigation the bomb was placed along the international highway in Taanayel ...

10/06/2013 - 10:10 - comment 0

Lebanese gunmen travelling to Damascus target of roadside bomb

the town of Taanayel , in eastern Lebanon.  Although initial media reports suggested that there were ... van was passing through the town of Taanayel, in eastern Lebanon.  ...

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the Bekaa valley: the dairy factory in the Hezbollah stronghold

in the idyllic setting of a farm in a monastery. Deir Taanayel stretches some 200 hectares and includes ... Lebanese dairies to adopt the name Taanayel – a bittersweet result of their success. As the demand ... of the must-see destinations for those visiting the area. In 2011, Deir Taanayel received a mere 15,000 visitors, ...

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Israeli strikes in Lebanon kill at least 14

the Beirut-Damascus highway at Taanayel in the central section of the Bekaa Valley in the east, an air raid killed two ...

18/05/2010 - 11:22 - comments 2

Lebanon reopens Arsal road after night of protests

sparked protests by angry Sunnis, who took to the streets in Taanayel, Jdita and Saadnayel in the Bekaa ...

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Lebanese take to streets, block roads in protest of "siege of Arsal"

residents in the Bekaa towns of Taanayel, Jdita, Saadnayel, as well as three Beirut areas and the coastal ...

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EUR 60 million loan for new roads in Lebanon

section between Taanayel and Masnaa on the road between Beirut and Damascus and (2) the 6 km Tripoli West ...

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