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Angham and Ahmad Iz denied rumors of secret marriage

in Islam). Iz said that the broadcaster Tamer Ameen could verify that he made “Omrah” because he ...

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Somayah Al Khashab will continue singing

of the show Khairi Ramadan and Tamer Ameen made several negative comments about Somayah, attacking her ...

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Razan's desire

on the musical score with a number of writers like Khalid Ameen, Ameer Ta’emah, Hani Abd EL Kareem and Khalid Taj ... Mustafa, Muhammad Rahim and Tamer Husni.             Razan is preparing to shoot the scenes of her ...

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Ahmad Fahmi dreams of marrying Muna Zaki

by Ameer Tu’aimah, composed by Mohammad Yahia, distribution by Tumah and directed by Ameen Durah.   ... The new film “Aswar Al Qamar” (Fences of the Moon) is written by Tamer Habib and will be directed by Tareq ...

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Hello, Ramadan! High production costs might be worth it for shows like "His Excellency"

was built especially for the show by engineer Khaled Ameen in Al-Mansuriyya and is where much of the series’ ... co-stars Tamer Hosni, Nicole Saba, Sherry Adel, Mai Salim, Zafar Al-Abdeen, Ahmed Saadani, Walid Fawaz. ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

429. Salah Ameen Zainiddin; 1970.   430. Salameh George Kailiyeh 42; 8   431. Saleem Hafez ... 1971.   467. Taleb Mousa Ayyad Abu-Oudeh  468. Tamer Khaled Suleiman Khwaili  469. Tawfiq ...

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