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Tune in: Tawfiq Okasha's odd revolution will be televised

no audio, Tawfiq Okasha finally graced our living room screens again. Yes, people, the legend ... no audio, Tawfiq Okasha finally graced our living room screens again.Yes, people, the legend is back. ... that he is always right. Even when he is not. It was Okasha’s first appearance since July when ...

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Cairo bans protests on university campuses

told Ahram Online. A lawyer for controversial television talk-show host Tawfiq Okasha brought ...

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Egypt charges secularists alongside Mursi in new case

personality Tawfiq Okasha, known for lambasting revolutionary groups, the military, and the Muslim ...

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Crowds gather in Egypt to call for military rule

Hamed and television talk show personality Tawfiq Okasha made the  call for the protest  in Manasa ...

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Banned for Nearly a Decade, Play Reaches the Egyptian Stage

Anwar Okasha and directed by Mohamed Omar, was banned for nine years for its blunt political content.   ... a charismatic presence at the head of the star-studded cast. Also starring are Rashwan Tawfiq and Farouk El ...

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Youtube banned in Egypt as crackdown targets websites over anti-islam film

Tawfiq Okasha. Another such lawsuit demanded that Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s two sons be stripped ...

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AUC celebrates undergraduate and graduate commencements

to candidates from each of AUC’s schools, while TV presenter Yosri Fouda and Psychiatrist Ahmed Okasha addressed ... not to see it.”  Speaking at the undergraduate commencement, Okasha, professor of psychiatry and director ... and the Okasha Institute of Psychiatry at Ain Shams University in Cairo, expressed his hope and optimism about ...

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A Warning Sign: Cleric's fatwa risks dragging Egypt back to the darkness

Mohamed Abu-Hamed, along with other anti-Brotherhood supporters of TV presenter Tawfiq Okasha, who ...

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Is this the end for Morsi? A breakdown of Egypt's June 30 protest

Tawfiq Okasha, is accused of spreading false information and the channel has ceased broadcasting. ...

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