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ISIS gender equality? British woman vows to become first female to behead Western prisoners in Syria

and as well as the pseudonym Khadijah Dare she goes by ‘Umm Isa’ meaning ‘mother of Isa’ and Muhajirah fi Sham, meaning ‘Immigrant in Syria’.  As her toddler sons Isa and Abdur Rahman stumbled about her ... of her then four-year-old son Isa, meaning “Jesus”, holding an AK-47 rifle. Her Twitter feed ...

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Bahrain: Additional budget for Tubli Bay development

reported on Wednesday. The bridges will connect Jurdab to Isa Town, Umm Al Hassam to Sitra and Tubli ...

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Japanese firm wins $31 million Bahraini switchgear deal

at three substations in West Manama, Hamad and Jasra. Switch gears at Hidd, Diplomatic Area Manama, Umm Al-Hassam and Isa substations will also be installed.    Bahrain has an annual electric generating ...

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List of Palestinian, Arab Prisoners in Syria

family’s tel: Rashad Msafer – Burhan Jarrar tel: 062437161; Faz: 062439580 or Umm Rashad tel.: 062436901   ... Mahmoud Abdul-Fatah Zeidam ; from Umm El Fahem ;his sister phone in the occupied territories   296. ... Mossa ‘Isa Abdul Al Wahab Al Iter; Yarmouk Camp; 39 year-old single 1982 10 years in Temor prison.  ...

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