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Barak: too Early to Expect Move from Bashar

the opportunity."   Uri Saguy, who headed the Israeli negotiating team to the last round of talks ... to future talks," said Saguy.   Saguy said that for Syria to achieve such goals as retrieving ... in Lebanon it would do well to re-enter talks with Israel.   Saguy compared Israel and Syria to an older ...

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Israeli Water Chief Calls for Action to Stop Lebanon ‘Diverting River’

and we will react to that," the source said.  Uri Saguy, head of the national water company ... hope that Israel will defend its interests. We have the means to do it."  Saguy refused to say ... concerns our security."  Saguy said Lake Tiberius was short of four million cubic feet (140 ...

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Israel Retreats from ‘Water War’ with Lebanon

is a war or an outbreak of violence on the northern border." Uri Saguy, head of the national water ...

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Israeli Delegation Heads to Turkey for Water Talks

but the treasury has yet to give its go-ahead, the paper said.   Mekorot chairman, Uri Saguy ...

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