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Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin speaks about company redundancies

Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin and representatives of the company’s labour organizations. On 17 June in Moscow a meeting was held between Russian Railways President Vladimir Yakunin ... and proposed social support measures for employees. Vladimir Yakunin said that the crisis had not passed ...

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International plenary session of the Rail Transport Council in Uzbekistan

Vladimir Yakunin opened the 51st plenary session of the Council for Rail Transport of CIS and Ba On 27 October in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), RZD President Vladimir Yakunin opened the 51st plenary session ... Batyr Khodzhayev delivered a welcoming speech. RZD President Vladimir Yakunin noted that the drop ...

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Participants in the “Train to Copenhagen” project arriving to Moscow

for the international climate change conference. Vladimir Yakunin, the President of Russian Railways, will take part ...

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Common problems, common solutions? Russia to build Iran's massive railway network

Vladimir Yakunin during the 60th meeting of the Council for Rail Transport of the Commonwealth ...

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The tragedy involving Nevsky Express train No. 166 on the Moscow – St. Petersburg route

Express train No. 166. RZD President Vladimir Yakunin has announced that the company is paying ...

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International transport conference in Moscow

sector. The RZD delegation will be led by the company’s president, Vladimir Yakunin. During ...

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Russian Railways receives $500 mln loan from EBRD

President Vladimir Yakunin said: “We view the provision of this credit as part of the implementation ...

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Port & Free Zone World, Russian Railways sign cooperation agreement to explore developing supply chain infrastructure in Russia

& Free Zone World, and Mr. Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways during the visit ... resources and to adhere to the highest safety, health and environmental standards. Vladimir Yakunin ...

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At least no one's going to starve this time around: the impending Iranian/Russian oil-for-cars program

and locomotives. Russian Railways state corporation chief Vladimir Yakunin had earlier expressed interest ...

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