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Lebanese government fears terrorist attack on gas facilities

Lebanese figures, primarily Speaker Nabih Berri and former Minister Wiam Wahhab, information was uncovered ... Environment Minister Wiam Wahhab’s house in Bir Hasan. Wahhab is an ally of Syria. The Brigades have also ...

01/03/2014 - 14:42 - comment 0

Jumblatt has friends in high places: Walid and the King

about the attempted assassination of former minister Wiam Wahhab in Syria. “If I had men in Syria, I would have given them another mission.” In several television appearances yesterday, Wahhab unveiled ... a video of the suspect, supposedly admitting to the plot. Wahhab said that “the young man ...

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Down from the mountain: Druze in Syria show growing resistance to Assad

Wi’am Wahhab – the former is anti-regime and the latter a fervent supporter of President Bashar Assad. “Jumblatt doesn’t enjoy wide popularity, for various reasons, but people also rejected Wahhab’s attempts ...

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