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Israeli Police to Shut Kach’s Study Center

Yehuda Wilk telling him the police intend to close the Jaffa Street center where Kahane often appears, ...

19/05/2010 - 10:57 - comment 0

Israeli Police Round up 200 Jews, 400 Arabs

of the Jewish state and in Jerusalem, police chief Yehuda Wilk said Tuesday.  "We have carried out ... and Arab," Wilk said.  He said the force was trained for dealing with civil disorder and denied ...

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Ben-Ami: Rajoub Accepted Sharon's Visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque

authorized by Israel Police General Yehuda Wilk, according to the paper -       © ...

19/05/2010 - 10:54 - comment 0

Israeli Killed, Palestinians Injured on Day of Rage in Territories

of Hebron, was damaged by the explosion, they said.  Israeli police Chief Yehuda Wilk described ...

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Arafat: Sharon Visit to Jerusalem Mosque Compound 'Dangerous'

the disturbances.  Israeli police chief Yehuda Wilk also said that the presence of the Arab MPs "made ...

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Israel Mulls Opening Doors to Al-Aqsa to ‘All Muslims’ for Ramadan

Israel's police chief Yehuda Wilk said Thursday after a rush-hour car bomb attack in the northern town ...

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Palestinian Lands Quiet but Tense after Failure to Forge Ceasefire

early Thursday morning.  However Israeli radio quoted chief of police Yehuda Wilk as saying he had ...

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Arab leaders in Israel strongly reject inquiry report on October 2000 killings of 13 Arab civilians

    The panel found that Yehuda Wilk, who served as police commissioner at the time ... that Wilk not be allowed to serve again in a top security position. (  © 2003 Al Bawaba ( ...

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