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Seif al-Islam Gaddafi's arrest marks end of Gaddaf-arama

announces.NTC commander Bashir al-Tlayeb of Zintan brigades confirmed to reporters fromTripoli that Seif ... Seif al-Islam was in the hands of NTC fighters in the city of Zintan and that he would remain with them ... fighters who are part of “Abu Bakr al-Siddiq” brigade. Ahmad Othman added that Seif al-Islam was flown ...

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Fresh fighting erupts near Tripoli's airport road

battle involved members of the two warring militia groups from the cities of Misrata and Zintan, who have ... camp building, which remains under the control of the Misrata Brigade. Several buildings were ... and Zintan, who have been fighting for control of the airport.Thursday’s clashes too ...

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Libya militias give Tripoli leadership ultimatum to quit

down. Libya’s powerful Berber militias from the town of Zintan gave ... Zintan , in the mainly Berber highlands southwest of Tripoli, was one of the bastions of the NATO-backed ... the Al Qaaqaa and Al Sawaiq brigades , both nominally loyal to the regular army. The interim ...

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Gaddafi's son detained

a militia commander said on Saturday. According to the AP , Bashir al-Tlayeb of the Zintan brigades said ... south of Tripoli. Gaddafi was brought to the city of Zintan. Saif al-Islam and his three armed ...

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EU "deeply concerned" over Libyan violence

that those behind the attacks on the parliament in Tripol i belong to the Zintan brigades, known ...

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Calls for ceasefire amid growing violence in Libya

the western city of Zintan. More Islamist-leaning brigades are trying to oust them from their base there. ...

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Libyan instability body blow to economy

to Zuwara Congressman Nouri Abu Sahmein, "These clashes broke out after three Zintan brigade members ... evacuated Saturday following deadly clashes between the Zintan and Zwara militias. The plant, located ... enough chaos from these security and military brigades," al-Sabry added. "We want to build ...

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Libya FM calls on UN for support as chaos continues

in an effort to oust an anti-Islamist group, the Zintan, from controlling the transportation hub. In previous months, other brigades and groups took over full control of the country's oil fields ...

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Libya's army chief orders militias to capital

and the western Zintan region. In the other camp, parliament chief Nouri Abu Sahmein — an Islamist-leaning ... seemingly at will. The militias arose from the rebel brigades that were created to fight Gaddafi’s ...

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