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Coexisting: Christians open church doors to displaced Palestinians in Gaza

the bombs began to fall on Gaza, Refqa al-Hamallawy called a meeting in her office at the al-Najd ... to all affected by the crisis.Thirty-eight days later, al-Hamallawy and the workers at al-Najd are still ... of 2,800.It was up to ordinary Gazans to deal with the overflow, and dozens of organizations like al-Najd ...

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تويتر يغرد عن "اليوم العالمي للمرأة"!

@KozamaAlNAJD   اقول. لكل النسا۽  سيداتي. انتم جمال الحياة واكثر المخلوقات لطافه وصبر رزقكم الله الجنان واسخر لكم ...

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