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The deadlock deepens further: Kurdistan seizes two oil fields, state-owned oil company

facilities at the Bai Hassan and Kirkuk oilfields near the city of Kirkuk, the oil ministry in Baghdad said. ... to withdraw immediately.Kurdish authorities said they had moved to "secure the oilfields of Bai Hassan ... a pipeline designed to pump oil from Makhmour.Bai Hassan and the Makhmour part of the Kirkuk oilfield had ...

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Dubai mother desperate for news from son aboard missing Malaysian flight

in Beijing, was heading home on flight MH370 with his Chinese wife Xiaomo Bai. According to the  Daily ... On Monday, the head of international police agency Interpol said he did not believe the disappearance ... to migrate to Germany, Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar said in Kuala Lumpur on Monday. ...

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