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American in Arabia Wants to Inject Some Estrogen into the Brotherhood

Keen to make brotherhood more inclusive ... be the next leader of the Women's Spring? Keen to make brotherhood more ... in the Hood---Brotherhood that is! The ladies of Egypt have something to say, and it can be best summarized by saying, “We ...

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Muslim Enough for the Brotherhood? PR Crisis Mires Mursi

The Muslim Brotherhood is facing a crisis in image -- ... The Muslim Brotherhood has deployed a formidable campaign machine in its quest for the Egyptian ... of the Brotherhood's primary candidate, Khairat al-Shater . Mursi's critics say he lacks charisma. ...

20/05/2012 - 14:39 - comment 0

Through manipulation, Egypt's military comes out ahead

SCAF’s approval rating had reached 94 percent while the Muslim Brotherhood’s rating was at 28 percent ... They found what they were looking for in the Islamist movements, specifically the Brotherhood, which took ... symbolized this phase. Thus began a soft conflict between SCAF and the Brotherhood during the elections, ...

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Other than Dubai's Expo 2020 win, what were the Middle East's top business breakthroughs in 2013?

Arabiya News Business section this year, followed by articles on Qatar rail contracts and Carlos Slim’s ... by 2019. 3. World’s richest man Carlos Slim to invest ‘billions’ in Saudi Arabia Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man with a family fortune estimated at $73 billion, ...

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Political loyalties are shifting in the heartland of Alexandria

the military and El-Sisi, emerged last year around the time of the military overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood ... of the cement factory still bear 2012 campaign posters for Morsi and the Brotherhood’s former political allies, ... their Morsi poster." A wavy-haired teenager wearing tight jeans, pink wristbands and a slim t-shirt ...

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