Beckham to help young Chinese footballers turn professional

Beckham to help young Chinese footballers turn professional
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David Beckham helps train young Chinese footballers
David Beckham helps train young Chinese footballers
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David Beckham

David Beckham has become an ambassador for football in China and will help young players turn professional.

He toured a local football club in central China's Hubei province on Saturday as part of his mission to promote the sport in the country.

The 37-year-old who joined the French club Paris Saint-Germain in January, practised with young players and offered them training tips.

The midfielder accepted an invitation from the Chinese soccer league to be its ambassador to help revive China's soccer image which was tainted by a match-fixing scandal.

As an ambassador, Beckham stressed that the main purpose of his trip to China was to promote soccer for young people and help them become professional players.

He said: "It was great to be out there with the children, some very talented children. Unfortunately, I lost the game, 1-2. It was very encouraging because there were some children that were seven years old, eight years old, 12 years old, 15 years old, and you could see that there is a lot of talent with these children.

"So, that's where this program now, and this is where my involvement will start with the children and being able to progress them into being professional sportsmen."

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