Beckham wants Moyes to Lead his MLS Franchise

Beckham wants Moyes to Lead his MLS Franchise
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Published June 9th, 2014 - 19:17 GMT via

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David Beckham
David Beckham

David Beckham has been busy in his early career after football.  He has been working hard to establish his new MLS franchise in Miami.  Beckham has taken a bit of a risk, soccer having failed in Miami before, he is working methodically to ensure that his Miami franchise becomes one of the best in Major League Soccer.

Beckham has been using his name to hype this franchise, including bringing along other big names into the investment, like NBA star Lebron James.  Beckham is undoubtedly one of the most, if not the most, recognizable sports figures in the world.  His name will surely attract attention, big named designated players and support.  But what about a manager?

The Sunday Times has reported that David Beckham has enlisted the help of former Everton and Manchester United manager, David Moyes to be the managerial face of Miami, set the join the league in 2017.

Despite the team being a few years away from ready, Beckham wants his team to have an immediate impact, and is looking to add staff as soon as possible to ensure instant success.  David Moyes has a summer home in Miami and Beckham is hoping that his love for the area could convince the Scotsman to take a break from Europe. 

David Beckham and David Moyes have some history, Beckham played under Moyes while at loan to Preston in 1995.

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