Liverpool look to expand franchise in India

Liverpool look to expand franchise in India
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Published October 19th, 2013 - 17:45 GMT via

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Liverpool FC look to expand franchise in India
Liverpool FC look to expand franchise in India
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Chitra Johri
Mike Cox
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England's Liverpool Football Club (LFC) is set to launch a line of apparel and accessories under its brand in India.

LFC will soon launch a range of watches, sunglasses, body sprays, bags and footwear in the country.

"We are also working to find appropriate partners for other key product categories including stationary and souvenirs," Mike Cox, director, merchandising at LFC, told HT via email.

Liverpool has over 90 million followers in India, the club claims.

"Our entry would allow our fans to avoid the additional expense of shipping costs and import duties," Cox said.

Prices of club's merchandise and accessories are expected to come down by 20-30%, as per industry experts.

However, the company refused to share information on entry-level prices. Optima, manufacturers of wristwatches in India, will be marketing the products under the Liverpool brand.

Bradford License India would act as the brand's representative in the country to identify licensing opportunities for other products.

"Eastern India will be the most important geography to start the retailing of our club's products," said Chitra Johri, VP, Bradford License India.


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