February 19, 2014

 Rebel fighters sit on top of a tank as they head to the front line of battles against Syrian pro-government forces, near the city of Hama, on February 18, 2014. (AFP)
07:04 GMT

Military showdowns are being prepared in Syria, rebel leaders say, after regime and opposition representatives failed to reach consensus in international peace talks last week in Geneva.

Syrian emergency personnel work at the site of a reported barrel bomb attack by government forces on February 18, 2014 in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. (AFP)
06:46 GMT

Syrian regime airplanes battered the southern city of Deraa, which lies close to the Jordanian borer, with barrel bombs on Tuesday. At least 18 people were killed, including four children.

February 18, 2014

Netanyahu was visiting the Golan Heights when the rockets struck the annexed territory (File Archive)
18:28 GMT

Two rockets from Syria landed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights Tuesday, striking the territory shortly after a Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's secret visit to the area was reported.

Regime forces have pounded rebel strongholds with barrel bombs for weeks, particularly in Aleppo (Zein Al Rifai/AMC/AFP)
16:49 GMT

At least seven civilians were reported dead Tuesday around Damascus from hunger and lack of medical care while rebel groups announced their plans to launch a "spring offensive" on the Syrian capital.

Rasha is working on one Gulf and one Syrian TV drama series this year. (Image: Facebook)
13:25 GMT

Director Rasha Sharbatji is back in business and will be presenting us with two exciting projects this year.

A lack of food and medical supplies is also causing death in Yarmouk. Here, Palestinian children in Gaza stage a fake funeral in solidarity with their brothers in the besieged Damascus camp. (AFP/File)
08:38 GMT

A human rights monitoring group has reported that Palestinian refugees from the Yarmouk camp are being tortured by the Syrian regime's intelligence, and that one man has died after being detained for five months.

Pro-regime fighters (R) speak with a rebel fighter in the town of Babbila, a suburb of Damascus, during a cease fire agreement between the group controlling the town and the regime on February 17, 2014. (AFP)
06:45 GMT

Despite the official peace talks in Geneva failing to yield any progress, Syria's army and rebels on Monday based around Damascus began dialogue with one another, allowing aid and supplies to reach those who need it.

February 17, 2014

The August 2013 chemical attacks led to the U.S.-Russia doctrine that is governing the removal of Syria's chemical weapons via its port city of Latakia (File Archive/AFP)
17:09 GMT

The EU has granted the U.N. chemical watchdog overseeing the destruction of Syria's chemical weapon arsenal around $16 million to ensure the stockpile is destroyed within the designated timeline

Nasrallah said that the group's presence in Syria was worth all the sacrifices made by the group - aka the hundreds of men who have been killed in the Syrian conflict. (AFP/File)
07:53 GMT

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said Sunday that his party would fight on in Syria despite the wave of car bombings targeting predominantly Shiite areas in Lebanon controlled by the group.

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al Muallem said that the U.S. created a "very negative climate for dialogue in Geneva" (File Archive/AFP)
07:15 GMT

Syria's Foreign Minister told reporters this week that the United States is to blame for the failure of the second round of peace talks that recently finished in Geneva last week.

As the regime pounded Yabroud and the rest of Qalamoun, it continued its barrel bomb campaign in Aleppo, leaving more civilians' lives in shambles (Khaled Khatib/AMC/AFP)
07:03 GMT

Syrian regime forces continued to shell the town of Yabroud and the rest of the Qalamoun area over the weekend as part of an all-out assault on the rebel stronghold.

Fighters and jihadists trained in Syria are posing a threat to the UK's soil. (AFP/File)
06:51 GMT

Senior British security officials say that two hundred and fifty UK-based jihadists have returned home after fighting in Syria, and that they pose a threat to the country's security and stability.

 Free Syrian Army announced on February 16, 2014, it had fired Selim Idriss as its military chief and appointed Abdel al-Ilah al-Bachir to replace him. [AFP]
04:00 GMT

Syria’s opposition Supreme Military Council announced on Sunday that Salim Idriss, the chief of the main armed opposition group Free Syrian Army, has been removed from his post, with Brigadier Abdullah al-Bashir appointed in his place, Al Arabiya News Channel reported.

February 16, 2014

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the breakdown of the Syria talks in Geneva on the ‘obstruction’ by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. [AFP]
19:01 GMT

U.S. Secretary of State urged the regime’s supporters to press for the creation of a transitional government

It is the first time that Jordan publicly reports an armed attack from Syria, although there have been several smuggling incidents in recent months.
16:31 GMT

Ten gunmen from Syria opened fire on troops patrolling an isolated border area in the north, the Associated Press reported a Jordanian army spokesman as saying.