May 2, 2014

Eleven children are said to be among the dead in the twin suicide attack (File/AFP)
14:16 GMT

Seventeen civilians including 11 children have reportedly been killed in two bomb attacks in the Syrian city of Hama.

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05:00 GMT

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May 1, 2014

Clashes broke out in Zabadani with Syrian forces also making gains in other towns (File/AFP)
18:09 GMT

Fourteen militants have reportedly been killed with many more injured in fierce battles with the Syrian army between the country's border with Lebanon.

The UN's refugee agency opened the camp to help ease the pressure of Syrian refugees entering Jordan (File/AFP)
17:23 GMT

A new refugee camp opened on Wednesday 100 kilometers east of Amman to hold 130,000 Syrians, fleeing violence.

ISIL is one of the deadliest groups fighting in Syria today. (AFP/File)
13:17 GMT

ISIL publicly crucified two members of the Syrian opposition in retaliation for an earlier attack.

Al Qaeda is becoming increasingly decentralized but no less dangerous. (AFP/File)
08:01 GMT

The National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism says there has been a 43% increase in terrorist attacks in 2013.

Civilians are often caught in the middle of the brutal civil war. (AFP/File)
07:12 GMT

Syrian rebels have attacked an asphalt factory in the province of Hama and kidnapped three people.

April 30, 2014

The aid situation in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus has been particularly dire. UN officials described the scenes as "apocalyptic". (AFP/File)
18:00 GMT

Overcautious United Nations’ interpretation of international law threatens thousands of lives in Syria, a group of prominent international lawyers said, arguing that there is “no legal barrier” for the UN to provide cross-border aid in the war-torn country.

Syria refugees flee across the dangerous border into Lebanon for safety (File/AFP)
15:07 GMT

Five Lebanese soldiers were injured on Wednesday when they were attacked by gunmen near the Rahwa region, bordering with Syria.

The al Qaeda linked Nusra Front claimed responsibility for the attack. (AFP/File)
14:08 GMT

A monitoring group on the ground is now reporting that 100 people have been killed in Tuesday's twin car bomb attack in Homs.

The Syrian civil war rages on into its fourth year. (AFP/File)
11:04 GMT

At least nine people have died, including three children, after government forces bombed a school in Aleppo.

Now Abbas's fans will know exactly where to befriend him on social media! (Image: Facebook)
08:41 GMT

Syrian actor Abbas Al Nouri has found a new way of validating his official social media accounts!

Pro-Assad rallies have become a daily event in regime-controlled areas. (AFP/File)
07:48 GMT

Eleven candidates, including current President Bashar Assad, are set to run in Syria's upcoming presidential elections.

April 29, 2014

Chemical weapon attacks in August 2013 left scores of civilians dead and prompted Washington to call for air strikes against Syria (File Archive/AFP)
16:00 GMT

The UN chemical watchdog OPCW will send a fact-finding mission to Syria to investigate the alleged use of chlorine gas in recent weeks as the country's civil war ravages on.

Many parts of Homs have been under siege since the country's civil war began three years ago (File Archive/AFP)
15:20 GMT

A car bomb in an Alawite district of Homs killed at least 36 people.