July 2, 2012

Free Syrian Army
14:49 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Monday ratified three laws that impose heavy penalties to those who commit "terrorist" acts in order to change the nature of the regime

Happy couple Maxim Khalil and Cyrine Abdelnour
13:18 GMT

Rumors of jealousy are haunting celeb acting couple Maxim Khalil and wife Sawsan Irshaid. But Khalil is denying that his wife is jealous of his film-set colleague Cyrine.

Sulafa Mimar with her lighter color locks
07:05 GMT

The famously blonde Syrian actress dies it dark for her most recent role.

July 1, 2012

15:43 GMT

The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Sunday that the agreement reached in for a political transition in Syria meant that "Bashar al-Assad's time, ultimately, is over."

Turkish army
09:40 GMT

Repression and fighting between army and rebels killed at least 82 people in Syria Saturday.

Sulaf Fawakhirji not Muslim?
05:19 GMT

Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakhirji could have a religious conversion on her plate if she shoots new film as planned in which she plays a Christian lady.

June 30, 2012

19:12 GMT

An agreement on the principles and guidelines of a transition phase in Syria was achieved in Geneva on Saturday during the meeting of the Task Force on Syria

June 29, 2012

10:52 GMT

The Syrian government must eliminate terrorists operating within the country to protect the civilian population

June 28, 2012

Asma Assad shows racket support for Syrian achievement
16:20 GMT

It would seem according to a picture and some words that while her people are desperately worrying about surviving the expected blazing hot and warring summer ahead, Asma Assad is thinking about the sporting fate of her national badminton team.

14:16 GMT

A bomb attack on Thursday was carried out in the courthouse in downtown Damascus, two days before an international meeting on the crisis.

06:20 GMT

A Hamas military executive based in Syria, Hussein Kamal Ghannaje, was murdered Wednesday in the suburbs of Damascus

June 27, 2012

15:01 GMT

An official television channel early Wednesday was the target of a bloody attack near Damascus, the first of its kind in 15 months of revolt.

Bassem Yakhour
07:53 GMT

New Ramadan series will tackle the issue of corruption in Syrian society.

Assad and new PM
07:10 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, facing 15 months of a bloody popular revolt, said he was determined to win "the war" in his country

June 26, 2012

Taim Hasan, star of the series
12:48 GMT

Producers of new TV drama Saqr Chahine were so busy filming in time for Ramadan they forgot to get it secured on a TV channel.