April 22, 2008

05:05 GMT

Syrian actress Jihan Abed Al Atheem is getting ready to enter the world of sports in the “Discover Syria Rally,” in which she will be a car race driver for three days

April 21, 2008

13:38 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has declared he is against holding secret talks with Israel, despite behind-the-scenes mediation efforts.

03:40 GMT

Syrian singer Rowaida Atyeh is sending a message to her ex-husband and his allies though her new song “Hayati Milki” (My Life Belongs To Me), that her life is on track

April 17, 2008

11:40 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad has said that while the likelihood of war with Israel breaking out is low given the current circumstances, he sees war w

April 13, 2008

05:17 GMT

The Syrian actress Jomanah Murad announced that she has begun filming the third part of the television drama series “Bab Al Harah” (Neighborhood Door), directed by Basam Al Mala

April 10, 2008

07:55 GMT

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have said ties with Syria could improve if Damascus takes "concrete steps" to find a way out of Lebanon's ongoing presidential

April 9, 2008

21:40 GMT

Syrian music artist Miriam Atallah, graduate of the first season of the talent show “Star Academy,” has denied rumors circulating in newspapers that she is planning to perform a duet with Lebanese sin

April 8, 2008

15:04 GMT

Syria said it is preparing for all possible scenarios through developing the country's capabilities to confront any Israeli attack.

April 6, 2008

09:30 GMT

Israel's prime minister is trying to lower tensions with Syria. Ehud Olmert on Sunday said Damascus should not worry about a national public safety dr

April 3, 2008

15:23 GMT

Syrian singer Asala Nasri participated for the second year in the talent show “Nojoom Al Khaliji 2008” (Khalij “Gulf States” Stars 2008)

10:51 GMT

Israel on Thursday played down media reports of heightened tension along the Syrian border, insisting there was little likelihood of military confront

April 2, 2008

16:58 GMT

Syria on Wednesday denied a report according to which its army has heightened its alert over fears for an Israeli strike.

14:11 GMT

The Syrian artist Nora Rahal announced that she has been in France to receive treatment for breast cancer. Nora had the tumor removed

March 31, 2008

21:59 GMT

The Syrian singer Mayada Al Hinawi received rude comments from the Kuwaiti singer Abdullah Rowaished

21:56 GMT

Stars of the film “Lahthat Onutha” (Feminine Moments) are blaming each other for what has been dubbed a failure, after the film did poorly at the box office