April 29, 2008

19:40 GMT

U.S. President George W. Bush said on Tuesday the recent disclosure of suspected North Korea-Syria nuclear cooperation was intended to send a tough me

April 28, 2008

11:55 GMT

Turkey's foreign minister said there's still a lot to achieve before any peace agreement between Israel and Syria.

11:46 GMT

Syria said on Monday that US accusations it had been building a nuclear reactor until its destruction in an Israeli air raid last September were as bo

April 27, 2008

19:19 GMT

Israel would be open to participating in a senior-level talks with the Syrians brokered by Turkey to test the waters for renewed peace negotiations, I

11:17 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied in comments published on Sunday that a site attacked by Israel during September 2007 was a nuclear reactor und

04:57 GMT

Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji will film a new television drama series "Asmahan" about the life of Asmahan, the late sister of the famous singer Farid Al Atrash

April 26, 2008

20:26 GMT

Syria will cooperate with Turkey in its mediation to relaunch peace talks between Damascus and Tel Aviv but the latter has also to make an effort towa

April 24, 2008

16:32 GMT

Syria on Thursday dismissed U.S. accusations that North Korea was helping it build a nuclear reactor that could produce plutonium.

15:07 GMT

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday called on regional nations to preserve their vigilance to thwart "conspiracies of enemies."

10:05 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al Assad on Thursday confirmed for the first time reports in the Arab media claiming that Israel had agreed to implement full

April 23, 2008

14:38 GMT

Members of Congress will be briefed on Thursday about intelligence suggesting that North Korea was helping Syria build a nuclear reactor similar to o

11:26 GMT

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has assured Damascus that Israel is prepared to implement full withdrawal from the occupied Golan Heights,

04:34 GMT

Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji carried the Olympic Torch through Oman’s capital Muscat

04:30 GMT

Syrian singer Asala Nasri will perform a new duet with the young singer Rami Sabri on her upcoming album

April 22, 2008

05:12 GMT

Syrian actress Jomana Murad was part of a fashion show for designer Emanoush. She modeled a wedding dress that wowed the audience