January 1, 2012

07:31 GMT

The Syrian opposition said the ongoing crackdown launched by the Syrian regime to quell the uprising against it, killed more than 5,800 people last year.

December 30, 2011

17:26 GMT

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians took to the streets across the country Friday in the largest protests in months

December 29, 2011

Maher al-Assad
20:41 GMT

A member of the Lebanese opposition Future bloc, MP Khaled Daher, was quoted as saying on Thursday that he had received information "more than confirmed" about the disappearance of Maher al-Assad

08:59 GMT

Senior members of the Syrian opposition National Council leadership expressed fears over the recent statements by the head of the Arab observers, Gen. Mohammed Ahmed al-Dabi.

December 28, 2011

10:05 GMT

The head of Arab League monitor delegation says Homs is calm

December 27, 2011

12:23 GMT

The General Authority of the Syrian Revolution announced Tuesday noon that eight people were so far shot dead

December 26, 2011

10:35 GMT

The oil minister of Syria, Sufian Alao, said on Saturday that oil production in his country was reduced by 30 to 35% of its capacity as a result of the international sanctions.

09:55 GMT

A source was quoted as saying on Monday that the Arab observers will begin their mission in Syria by visiting the restive city of Homs on Tuesday.

December 25, 2011

09:09 GMT

The Israeli Maariv newspaper on Sunday reported that Russia proposed to the Syrian Vice President Farouk al-Shara to assume the powers of President Bashar al-Assad

Dubai does it biggest and brightest! While not yet a public holiday in the UAE, you'd be forgiven for thinking you were in a festive Christmas conforming country if the malls were anything to go by. Here a tree placed to stand proud near the soaring Burj al Arab.
03:01 GMT

Christmas is observed in some Middle Eastern countries, by local peoples as well as by expatriates. How do these some 10 million Christian 'Arabs' living in the Middle East mark Christmas, with most living in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine? Christmas visits smaller Arab Christian populations in Jordan, Iraq, and even some of the Gulf states.

December 23, 2011

Blasts hit Syrian capital
10:59 GMT

Lebanese Al Manar TV, owned by Hizbullah reported on Friday that at least 30 people were killed and 55 others wounded

December 22, 2011

15:59 GMT

According to the General Authority for Islamic Revolution in Syria at least 31 people were killed on Thursday by Syrian security forces.

Coptics under fire: Known as the 'Church attacks' the 2011 Alexandria bombing struck Coptic Christians, 1 January, the week of Eastern Christmas. Twenty-three people died, including Muslim and Christian Egyptians. The suicide attack struck Coptic Christian worshippers as they were leaving midnight mass about 30 minutes into the new year.
13:49 GMT

Christians in Egypt are complaining of the after-effects of the Arab Spring. What exactly is their gripe with Egypt's crusade for change? In amongst all the cacophony of revolution, uprising and protest and the vying for change in the Arab world, there is another story that has at times been neglected. The predicament of the Coptic Christians of Egypt has perhaps been overlooked leading up to Christmas for the Eastern Church. Has the Coptic protest that stole the headlines of October-November been drowned out by global uprisings?

December 21, 2011

Syrian leader
13:51 GMT

The London-based al Hayat newspaper reported on Wednesday that the relations between the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" and the Syrian authorities have been severely strained

08:03 GMT

Many had expected that after the signing of the Arab monitor protocol by Damascus, there will be a decline in the intensity of the regime's killing machine.