December 22, 2009

07:28 GMT

The Constituent General Meeting of Al Baraka Bank Syria was held in Damascus on 16 December 2009 in the presence of the founding shareholders or their representatives and representatives from the Mini

December 21, 2009

10:49 GMT

Unknown gunmen opened fire on a Syrian bus in Deir Emar in northern Lebanon at dawn Monday, killing a Syrian citizen

05:14 GMT

The famous Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji denied a report published in the Algerian newspaper “Al Khabar” (The News) that she cheered for the Algerian soccer team instead of the Egyptian team during t

December 19, 2009

17:42 GMT

Lebanon's prime minister, who has blamed Syria for the assassination of his father, visited Damascus Saturday for the first time since the 2005 killin

05:02 GMT

The famous Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji announced that she is the one who turned down an offer by the Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosny to work on his upcoming film

December 18, 2009

05:20 GMT

‘Platinum Records’ of MBC group held a celebration for the launch of the new album by Rowaida Atyeh called “Isma’ni”

December 16, 2009

15:27 GMT

The Syrian actress Raw’ah Al Sa’di’s father revealed that the reason behind the early retirement of his daughter is the rumors spreading about her having a romantic relationship with the Syrian actor

December 14, 2009

December 13, 2009

06:03 GMT

The Syrian actor Samer Al Masri, known for his role of “Al Aqaeed Abu Shhab” in the famous Syrian drama series “Bab Al Harah” (The Neighborhood Gate), announced his retirement from Syrian drama

December 11, 2009

04:39 GMT

The famous Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji apologized for her decision not working with the writer Muhammad Safa Amer and take the leading role in his new television drama series called “Habibi Alathi

04:35 GMT

The Syrian actor Tayem Hasan will play a new role in an Egyptian drama taken from the files Egyptian secret service

December 10, 2009

10:15 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad and Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun met in Damascus Wednesday where the two leaders stressed the importanc

December 6, 2009

02:57 GMT

The famous Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman announced that reports that he is refusing to meet with the press are false

December 3, 2009

12:53 GMT

The Syrian interior minister said a blast near a bus parked at a gas station was an accident and not a terror act.

November 30, 2009

02:33 GMT

Syrian artist Asala agreed to star in the new musical “Al Amirah Wal Sa’look” (The Princes and the Gang Member) opening at the Cairo National Theatre