August 1, 2007

15:47 GMT

Peace with Israel will only come with the return of all occupied Syrian lands, President Bashar Assad repeated Wednesday.

July 31, 2007

16:08 GMT

Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on Tuesday condemned as "dangerous" the multi-billion-dollar US arms packages for its Arab allies.

July 30, 2007

16:47 GMT

The United States is forging new military aid pacts with Gulf states, Israel and Egypt to counter "negative" influences by Al-Qaeda and Hizbullah, as

July 26, 2007

10:23 GMT

A huge blast has ripped through a military complex in northern Syria and dozens of soldiers were taken to hospitals with injuries, witnesses said. Uno

July 24, 2007

15:25 GMT

Syria's Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs affirmed on Monday that the Syrian government is committed to providing subsidies to citizens in order to improve their living standard.

13:07 GMT

Ayman El Thahabi, judge of the popular MBC show “Album,” has spoken publicly about his relationship with ex-wife Syrian singer Asalah Nasri

July 22, 2007

19:42 GMT

Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhirji will be playing the role of the late Egyptian singer Asmahan in the television drama series “Asmahan”

11:44 GMT

Iran‘s foreign ministry spokesman on Sunday dismissed as a "media game" a recent report in an Arabic daily about a secret arms deal with Syria

July 21, 2007

18:39 GMT

Israel has rejected a Syrian demand that it withdraw from the Golan Heights it has occupied since 1967 before peace talks can resume between the two c

July 19, 2007

18:59 GMT

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in his meeting with his Syrian counterpart Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday that "We are two united brothers who

15:38 GMT

The foundation stone was laid Wednesday for Ya'four Gardens project in Damascus countryside.

July 18, 2007

13:56 GMT

Israel on Wednesday confirmed statements made by Syrian President Bashar Assad, who said the day before that a third party has been involved in relayi

12:16 GMT

Emaar Properties, the global property developer with a significant presence in 16 countries including Syria, has appointed Mr Sarhad Haffar, an archit

July 17, 2007

14:58 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Tuesday morning took the constitutional oath at the People's Assembly, for a new constitutional term of office

July 3, 2007

15:06 GMT

Syria asks for UN help to secure the release by Israel of a prisoner from the occupied Golan Heights.