April 7, 2009

12:52 GMT

Syria's foreign minister on Tuesday hailed President Barack Obama's outreach to the Arab and Islamic world

06:45 GMT

Turkish security officers continue to investigate a man of Syrian origins who was arrested in relation to a scheme to assassinate US President Barack

April 6, 2009

20:45 GMT

The Syrian actress Nadine Tahseen Bek is filming the scenes of the new television Syrian drama series “Qalbi Maak” (My Heart is with you)

April 5, 2009

13:59 GMT

Jordan has sent a letter to Syria objecting to the cultivation of crops upstream and downstream on the Yarmouk River.

April 2, 2009

12:23 GMT

Israel's new Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman ruled out in an interview published on Thursday any withdrawal by the Jewish state from the Golan Heig

11:41 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Thursday defended his country's relationship with Hizbullah, and said that although Israel insists the ties must be s

April 1, 2009

21:01 GMT

The famous Syrian actor Abas Al Nouri denied circulating rumors in the press means that he intends to return to the famous Syrian television drama series “Baba Al Harah” (Neighborhood Door), now the f

March 31, 2009

19:42 GMT

The young Syrian artist Rowaida Atyeh was a guest on the entertainment show “Jaridah Bila Waraq” (Newspaper without Papers), aired on Abu Dhabi channel

19:40 GMT

One of Syria’s most prominent actors Naji Jabir known as “Abu Antar” has passed away on Monday March 31 at the age of 69

March 30, 2009

11:30 GMT

Arab countries which launched a Middle East peace initiative in 2002 do not have a real partner in Israel, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated on

March 27, 2009

10:22 GMT

Turkey is prepared to mediate between Israel and Syria if the two agree to resume stalled indirect talks

March 26, 2009

19:14 GMT

The famous Syrian actress Solaf Fawakhrji appeared as a guest on the entertainment show “Sharftoni” (You Are Welcomes), aired on the Lebanese satellite channel “LBC” with the co-host Toni Baroud

March 25, 2009

09:29 GMT

Syrian President Bashar Assad on Wednesday was quoted as saying that "the plane of Arab reconciliation has taken off" but indicated that relations bet

March 24, 2009

13:31 GMT

Lebanon approved on Tuesday Syria's nominee for its first ambassador to Beirut, five months after the two countries established diplomatic ties for th

March 23, 2009

03:21 GMT

The famous Syrian artist Mayada Al Hinawi made an agreement with the young Egyptian superstar Tamer Hosni to compose a song for her that she will include on her new album