August 19, 2009

19:52 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian peer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday held a round of talks in Tehran

August 17, 2009

04:42 GMT

The young Syrian actress Madiha Kanifati will be starring in a number of drama productions that will be aired during the upcoming Ramadan season

August 16, 2009

05:48 GMT

The famous Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman denied rumors circulating on internet websites that he was almost killed by armed men

August 15, 2009

12:26 GMT

A Western source told Japan's Kyodo News that part of a long range Scud missile jointly developed by North Korea, Syria and Iran landed in a Syrian ma

August 12, 2009

18:53 GMT

The Syrian actress Laila Al Atrash, who plays “Lutfiyah h” in the famous Syrian drama series “Bab Al Harah” (The Neighborhood Gate) said that she is the fruit of the drama series

14:47 GMT

A senior American military delegation arrived in Damascus on Wednesday for talks on regional security, the second such visit in nearly two months

August 10, 2009

18:01 GMT

A meeting was held recently between Elaph and the Syrian artist Rowaida Atyeh to listen to the songs from her latest album

04:44 GMT

The composer Helmi Baker has filed a lawsuit against the famous Syrian artist Asala Nasri for singing the song “Ma Qoltilish Min Al Awel Leh” (Why didn’t you tell me from the beginning)

04:41 GMT

Syrian actor Jamal Suleiman has started filming the new movie “Siher Al Ishiq” (Magic of Love), his first leading role in an Egyptian film

August 7, 2009

12:42 GMT

The Syrian actress Deema Baya’ah will appear in two television drama series this upcoming Ramadan season

August 5, 2009

August 3, 2009

04:09 GMT

Syrian actress Jumana Murad became angry during an interview with the London daily ‘Elaph’ and ‘Infinity’ magazine when she was asked if it is true that the Syrian actress Safa Sultan replaced her in

August 1, 2009

11:56 GMT

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday addressed the Syrian Armed Forces

July 31, 2009

07:11 GMT

American President Barack Obama extended sanctions against Syrian or pro-Syrian personalities for "provoking instability in neighboring Lebanon."

July 27, 2009

13:50 GMT

 According to the Kuwait News, United States President Barack Obama lifted bans on exporting goods and materials to the Syrian aviation industry.  Als